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Blumgi Ball

The basketball match in Blumgi Ball

Are you ready for thrilling basketball matches in Blumgi Ball? Guide your character to jump as high as possible and perform stunning dunks to get a high score.

Tips to win

This game is different from other basketball because the basketball match in this game does not have many participants. Instead, you are the only participant in this basketball match. Moreover, the basketball course has many obstacles, water, and high walls. You must jump over them to reach the basket and then throw your ball into this basket. Try to aim accurately before throwing your ball. Moreover, you should not throw your ball too far. If your ball disappears from the playing screen, you will lose. Before the ball flies out of the playing screen, you should click the left mouse button to guide your character to jump and catch the ball. Do your best to perform impressive dunks to get many points. This game offers many levels and completing a level will help you get 100 points.

How to control


Hold the left mouse button to aim.

Release the left mouse button to throw the basketball.


Hold the screen to aim.

Release the screen to throw the basketball.

Unlock new characters in Blumgi Ball

Like Challenge The Runners, this game also features many characters, but they are locked in the treasure chests. You must accumulate as many points as possible to unlock these chests. Remember that you must unlock them in order. Moreover, the number of points used to open the treasure chests will increase. Therefore, try your best to finish all challenging levels in this game to get many points and unlock all the characters in this game. After the characters are unlocked, you can choose one of them to play. You can select the wizard, bear, monkey, egg, frog, and so on.