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Rainbow Obby

Your tasks in Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby is an exciting parkour game featuring a colorful racetrack. Run the furthest distance and race with other players on the same map.

Play with many players

Like Gorilla Tag, this game also appeals to you because of its multiplayer feature. This feature brings a lively and engaging experience to you. Moreover, the multiplayer component allows you to engage in thrilling and chaotic races against other individuals from around the world. You can join the available room, but you must enter the room ID. In contrast, if you want to race with your friends, you can create a new room and send this room ID to your friends. Your friends must enter this room ID to join your room. Note that the number of members in a room is unlimited. Therefore, do not hesitate to invite as many friends as possible to play with you.

Join the parkour competition

This game will take you to the rainbow world. In this world, you must run the rainbow racetrack. Like the racetrack in Om Nom Run, this game also features a track with many challenges. You must overcome these challenges to reach the final goal. This requires your parkour skills because you must jump from one platform to another one, and sometimes climb on high walls or ladders. If you unexpectedly fall out of the platform during the journey, don't worry. Click the Respawn button to return to the nearby checkpoint instead of the starting point. In addition, you can come through other players instead of colliding with them.

How to control

Press the arrow keys or use the mouse to control the camera view.

Press the WASD keys to control the character to move around.

Press the spacebar to guide the character to jump from one platform to another.

Tips to reach the furthest distance in Rainbow Obby

  • Master the Controls: Familiarize yourself with the controls and movement mechanics of the game. Practice running, jumping, and wall-running to develop a strong foundation for maneuvering through the levels. Understanding the controls will help you navigate obstacles more efficiently.
  • Plan Your Routes: Take your time to analyze the level layouts and plan your routes. Look for the most optimal paths that allow you to reach the checkpoints or the finish line quickly. Some paths may require precise jumps and wall runs to bypass obstacles or save time.
  • Practice Precision: This game requires precise movements and jumps. Practice your timing and aim to land accurately on platforms or grapple points. Precision will help you avoid falling or colliding with obstacles, saving you time and frustration.
  • Stay Focused and Calm: It is important to concentrate on your movements if you do not want to fall off the platform. You should not rush or jump too quickly. Instead, you should take a break after each jump. Then, identify the position of the next platform and adjust the camera view.
  • Utilize power-ups along the way: You can collect power-ups such as jetpacks, jump coils, and so on. The jetpacks help you fly in the sky while the jump coils help you to jump higher and further. Keep in mind that the duration of these power-ups is limited.