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Stickman Climb 2

Get ready for a new journey in this game

Stickman Climb 2 begins the adventurous adventures of stickman. He cannot move as quickly as usual and has to use his hammer to move forward.

Stickman has always been a character that inspired many action games. In this game, he will continue to be the main character who will overcome all difficulties to reach his destination. This physics game has similar gameplay to Getting Over It. You need to take advantage of the hammer's leverage to move the stickman. Graphics with a fun style and familiar characters will make many gamers excited. You have the opportunity to experience many different levels in this game. The difficulty of the levels will gradually increase so you can improve your skills slowly.

Move to the finish line in Stickman Climb 2

At the end of the road is a flag that marks your destination. By all means, you must get the character there safely. Many challenges are waiting for you ahead.

Keep the stickman safe

Character safety is always the first important thing in this game. You need to help him avoid deadly obstacles like spikes, saw blades. They can destroy the stickman with just one touch, then the game will be over. So, avoid obstacles on the way. Use the hammer's leverage to jump over them. For some terrain, you need a bit of dexterity to move the character through it.

Change the skins

This game allows you to change skins for your character. In addition, you can also change the object that the stickman sits inside. New hammers with attractive shapes and a cool character skin are a great combination. Although these skins do not help your character increase their strength, they do have high aesthetic value. However, you need a few things to be able to unlock them because they are not available.

Game control: click the mouse or use the keyboard to play this game.