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Wario Land 2

General information about Wario Land 2

Wario Land 2 is an entertaining adventure game as well as the 2nd version of the Wario Land series. Join the captivating journey and defeat Black Sugar Gang.

The plot

Like Donkey Kong, this game also features a retro style and interesting story. This game centers around the adventures of the infamous and avaricious protagonist, Wario. After acquiring Captain Syrup's treasure in the previous installment, Wario finds himself enjoying his newfound wealth in his castle. However, his tranquility is short-lived when a mischievous group called the Black Sugar Gang invades Wario's castle while he is taking a nap. These troublemakers not only steal his precious treasure but also wreak havoc throughout the land. Determined to reclaim his riches and seek revenge, Wario awakens to discover the chaos and sets off on a quest to track down the Black Sugar Gang.

Your adventure

After becoming Wario, you will start your adventures in different lands.Throughout your journey, you encounter a series of themed levels filled with various challenges and adversaries. However, I believe you cannot be defeated by enemies or obstacles. Instead, you can undergo transformations and experience different effects when struck. These transformations grant you unique abilities, enabling you to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and uncover hidden paths. Along the way, you will confront bosses who serve as the leaders of the Black Sugar Gang. Defeating these formidable adversaries is crucial for your progress and ultimately leads him closer to recovering your treasure. Note that you can find different hidden doors which lead you to hidden levels. In these levels, you will overcome unique challenges, but earn more rewards.

How to control

Use Arrow Keys to control Wario to move.

Use an X key to guide Wario to jump.

Use a Z key to hit walls and enemies.

Impressive features of Wario Land 2

Many chapters and levels

When playing this game, you must complete five chapters. They are One Noisy Morning, SS Tea Cup, Maze Woods, In Town, and Syrup Castle. Each chapter offers unique challenges, distinct themes, and captivating gameplay mechanics that further immerse. In each chapter, you are tasked to win five levels. Each level requires you to complete a distinct mission. For example, Level 1 in the first chapter, you must find and turn off the alarm clock. Next, when playing level 2, you must turn off the giant faucet. Meanwhile, level 4 of the first level requests you to go down the cellar. In general, all missions are not too challenging, so you can complete them easily. If you can complete all levels in this game, your adventure will end. After finishing this game, don't forget to take a look at Gorilla Tag which is the best game on our website.

Two mini-games

There are two mini-games in this game, so you must play them to find the treasure. Here are the playing rules of these mini-games.

  • Matching Game: In this mini-game, eight panels will be shown on the screen. They will show the pictures of the enemies and then turn around. You must remember the positions of the panels showing identical rivals. When the panels are locked again, you must click on two panels that may display the same enemy in order to match them.
  • Number-Matching Game: This mini-game requires you to guess the digits displayed on the panels.