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Deepest Sword

The adventure in Deepest Sword

Embark on an exciting journey to find the dragon in Deepest Sword now. When figuring out the dragon, you have to stab it to lengthen your sword.

Find the dragon

Like Gorrila Tag, this game also offers a thrilling adventure in which you must explore the Cavern of Longing. Legends tells that there is a giant dragon in this cavern. This dragon has slept in this carven for hundreds of years. It is said that you will become more powerful if you can defeat it. Therefore, as a warrior, you start your adventure to find this dragon. You must swing your sword to move. Note that dangers are an indispensible in every adventure, but I believe that you can overcome them easily. The blue checkpoints along the way will save your progress, so you can return to them after crashing the hazards. Furthermore, you will get the help from many kind people during the journey. Communicate with them to know where you should go and how to dodge obstacles. Your objective is to find the dragon and jump on its back. Next, you must use your sword to stab the dragon.

Restart your journey

After stabbing the dragon, you will return to the starting point. At this time, your sword is longer. You need to restart your adventure again. Note that the route will become longer whenever you restart your adventure. Keep joining the adventures until you have the deepest sword. Let's use this deepest sword to stab the heart of the dragon. When its heart gets hit, it will be eliminated. After taking down the dragon, you do not need to join the adventure anymore.

How to control

Press the WASD or arrow keys to control the character to move.

Hold the left mouse button to swing the sword.

Press a R key to return the nearby checkpoints.

All achievements in Deepest Sword

This game has 12 achievements, but they are not shown at the menu. Instead, they will be unlocked and appear at the top of the screen when you complete a certain mission.

  • Just the Tip: If you can use your sword to stab the dragon at the first time, you will gain this achievement.
  • That Tickles: To unlock this achievement, you must stab the dragon twice.
  • Felt Something: Attempt to stab the dragon three times if you want to get this achievement.
  • So Deep: To get this achievement, you have to stab the dragon four times.
  • The Deepest Sword: Do your best to stab the dragon with the deepest sword to get this achievement.
  • Quick Shot: If you can win this game within 10 minutes, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • Fast Fiver: Try your best to win this game within 5 minutes to unlock this achievement.
  • Dragon Slayer: If you can win this game within 4 minutes, you will get this achievement.
  • Head Over Heels: To earn this achievement, you must try to stand on the dragon's head.
  • Wiggler: This achievement will be unlocked after you winning the last section with the length 4 sword.
  • .. Over It: To get this achievement, you should go through the upper path when restarting the adventure.
  • Living Legend: Winning this game within 3 minutes and 30 seconds will help you earn this achievement.