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BoardRun io

The running race of BoardRun io

Get ready for thrilling running races in BoardRun io now. Collect as many woods as possible and reach the finish line first to earn as many coins as possible.

At the start of the game, you need to enter your nickname to become different from other players in the running competition. Next, after clicking the Play button, you will be matched with the other 5 runners from all over the world. When the countdown reaches zero, you must be quick to guide your runner to run as fast as possible to the finish line. While running, you should not forget to collect wood along the race track. These woods can be used to build wooden bridges. These wooden bridges will help you reach further and overtake other players in the competition. Note that if you run on other runners' bridges, you do not lose your woods. Moreover, if you run out of wood while constructing the bridge, you will fall into the water. Therefore, do your best to gather as much wood as possible. Attempt to become the first runner who reaches the finish line in the shortest time. If you can do that, you are allowed to continue to run on further islands. The further island you can reach, the higher your score is. In addition, if you are the fastest runner, you will get the first rank and claim the highest number of coins.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the runner to reach the finish line.

The store in BoardRun io

Like Gorilla Tag, there is also an in-game store in this game. In the store, you can buy new characters, hats, and shoes. Note that all characters in the store are free. Therefore, you can select your favorite character before starting the running race. However, the shoes and hats are locked.

Purchase impressive hats

The hats in the store are sold at different prices and have different designs and colors. Furthermore, they will bring different benefits. You should consider their functions before purchasing them.

  • Wizard Hat: If you wear this hat, you will start with 4 woods in every running race.
  • Helicopter Hat: This hat will help you to jump further.
  • Kenny's Hat: This hat will help you jump faster.
  • Ushanka Hat: If you wear this hat, your running speed will increase by 5%.
  • Skull Cap: If you buy this hat, you will have 7 woods at the start of every running race.
  • Fedora: This hat helps to increase your jump speed by 15%.
  • Panama Hat: You can get 10 woods at the start of the game if you can buy this hat.
  • Pumpkin Hat: Your jump distance will increase
  • Bunny Hat: This hat will help your jump distance by 20%.
  • Hard Hat: You will be offered 20 available woods if you wear this hat.

Buy fashionable shoes

Besides beautiful hats, the store also sells many shoes at different prices. These shoes also bring many advantages. Therefore, accumulate as many coins as possible to buy them.

  • Pointy Shoes: It helps to increase your running speed by 5%.
  • High heels: You should wear these shoes if you want your jump speed to rise by 5%.
  • Felt Boots: These shoes will help your jump distance increase by 5%.
  • Trainers: These shoes are yellow and can increase your running speed by 10%.