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Jack Frost

Your tasks in Jack Frost

Jack Frost is an exhilarating adventure game featuring many game modes and levels. Let's freeze all blocks in the map if you want to complete the levels.

Choose the game modes

This game allows you to select one of two game modes, which is similar to Gorilla Tag. The game modes in this game allow you to solo adventures through whimsical realms or engage in friendly competition with friends. Let's choose one of them before you start your adventure.

  • 1 Player mode: In this game mode, you can immerse yourself in a captivating solo adventure. Traveling through mesmerizing lands, you take on the role of a lone protagonist.
  • 2 Player Mode: This game mode offers an exciting duel between friends. In this mode, you and your companion assume the roles of a blue guy and a purple guy, respectively. The objective is to freeze as many blocks as possible within a given time frame. As you navigate the enchanting lands, you must strategically freeze the blocks to gain points.

Your adventure

The winter is coming. Let's run around and freeze everything you. You need to freeze all blocks, trees, and ladders in the map to complete the level. Note that colliding with bad guys along the way will cause the loss of hearts. If you run out of hearts, your adventure will end. Therefore, protect yourself from bad guys in the area. Sometimes, you can jump on the bad guys' heads to freeze them. However, the ice will be melted after 10 seconds. Moreover, after freezing your opponent, you can jump on them to reach the higher platform. Besides watching for the rivals, you also need to gather snowflakes during the adventure.

How to control


Use the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to jump, fly, or climb.


Use the A-D keys to move left or right.

Use a W key to jump, fly, or climb.

Formidable enemies in Jack Frost

While traversing different lands and freezing them, you will encounter different enemies. Here is the list of the bad guys you must take caution with:

  • Orange nose enemies: They are orange and walk from left to right and vice versa. It seems that they are sick, so they sometimes stop and blow water.
  • Purple nose enemies: These enemies have a purple nose and are able to climb on ladders.
  • Green lizards: They are able to use their tongues to attack you. Moreover, they can transform frozen blocks into non-ice blocks.
  • Yellow lizards: The tongues of these lizards are longer than the green lizards. Moreover, you cannot freeze them by jumping on their heads.
  • Ice skaters: Their walking speed will increase when moving on frozen blocks. If you want to freeze these enemies, you must wait for them to walk on frozen blocks.
  • Green dragons: They are able to sneeze fire to melt ice when you stand near them. Therefore, try to stay away from these dragons.
  • Red dragons: These opponents are able to breathe out fire to melt ice when you are standing on the platform above them.
  • Purple dragons: If you stand below them, they will start to breathe out fire to melt ice.
  • Living gaps: You can easily fall into them if you are uncareful.
  • Black birds: They are able to fly horizontally. You must wait for these birds to walk on the platforms if you want to freeze them.