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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a Mario-inspired game where you control Mario to climb ladders, avoid King Kong's attacks, and move to the tank area at each level. When joining this Mario game, you will experience many adventures from King Kong. Let's go now!

Adventures for King Kong

In Donkey Kong, players have the opportunity to experience many challenges from the king of this deep forest. Being similar to the gorilla in Gorilla Tag, King Kong is famous for its strong wild strength. Let's look forward to the challenges this king brings to you!

First, King Kong's extraordinary strength allows him to carry many large objects. It will pick up these objects and throw them down at you. If you collide with these obstacles, your Mario character will face danger. In addition, the movement of obstacles is also complicated. They will follow platforms and move down ladders while this is your main path. Therefore, you have to face 100% of all obstacles. In particular, the number of moving obstacles is huge. They roll continuously towards you!

Second, the ladders are partially destroyed by King Kong, so you can only find normal ladders to move. This makes the map structure more complicated and you have to move in a more complicated way. Choosing paths in each level is also a significant challenge for new players. In particular, moving while avoiding obstacles is never simple.

Conquer Donkey Kong

To conquer this online game, players need to master the gameplay and control of their characters. These two factors will largely determine each player's victory.

Master Gameplay and Control

In Donkey Kong, to control Mario, you will use the arrow keys. Each arrow key will correspond to a direction of movement. Arrow keys allow you to climb ladders while you can move left and right with the left and right arrows. In particular, your Mario character can jump with the Spacebar.

While controlling your character, let's remember some requirements of the game. Your mission is to control your Mario character to reach the tank area while avoiding dangers. Therefore, your first task is to move. Move across platforms and climb ladders to reach your destination. While moving, don't forget to avoid obstacles.

To avoid obstacles, you can apply the following two methods. First, you can jump up with the spacebar. Obstacles will quickly roll over. The second method is to use a hammer. Quickly collect the hammer that can destroy any obstacle. In particular, this destruction helps you gain points through each level.

Gain Donkey Kong Score

You can earn points for adventure games through many methods. Below, there are 2 significant examples to gain points at each level.

  • Destroy an obstacle: 100 points
  • Collect hammer: 50 points

Note that each hammer is only valid for a short time. In addition, while using the hammer, you cannot climb the ladders. Your scores will be added together. If you fail, your score is still stored and increases in subsequent attempts. How many points can you win in the Donkey Kong game?