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Gorilla Tag

The tutorial for playing Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is an exciting multiplayer adventure game created by Another Axiom. Play as a gorilla and engage in an exciting journey in different lands now.

The adventure of the gorilla

The first attractive thing about this game is its realistic and exciting gameplay. When coming to this game, you will have an opportunity to transform into a gorilla. You are able to swing from one tree to another, jump across platforms, and run fast. Furthermore, if you want to climb the wall, you need to come close to the wall, look at the top of the screen, and grab onto the wall. Attempt to move your arms down and pull yourself up to vertical like a pro. You can get long arms by changing the Override World Scale setting to Normal and dragging the scale to the left. Moreover, as a gorilla, you are super powerful. When entering the virtual world, you can embark on a thrilling adventure with other gorillas on the same map to explore interesting things. Or you can take part in a breathtaking battle with other gorillas and attempt to become the winner. Additionally, this game features a Nice Gorilla Store. You can find this store on the City map. When visiting this store, you can purchase many beautiful cosmetics such as Hats, Badges, Faces, and Holdables. Accumulate as many Shiny Rocks as possible and use them to buy your favorite cosmetics. Let's become the most impressive gorilla on the map.

Ghost Hunting

Recently, ghost hunting has been trending among players in this game. This is a funny and thrilling activity. You will enter the dense jungles or caves at night. In these jungles or caves, you can encounter the Gorilla Tag ghosts that are different from other gorillas in this game. They are often called PBBV and are able to kick or ban you from the game. Therefore, you should be careful and try to stay away from them.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the gorilla to move around.

Multiplayer Interaction

This game thrives on its multiplayer aspect, providing an avenue for you to engage in real-time interactions with other participants in the virtual jungle. Through online matches, you can communicate, collaborate, and compete with fellow gorillas, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. The social dynamics that unfold in multiplayer matches create memorable and engaging experiences that extend beyond mere gameplay. Collaboration becomes paramount as you strategize together to capture opponents or escape from pursuing gorillas. Effective communication and coordination amplify the sense of teamwork, establishing bonds among players and reinforcing the social aspect of the game. The multiplayer component of Gorilla Tag enhances the overall enjoyment and replayability, as players forge connections and engage in shared adventures within the virtual realm.

Playable game modes in Gorilla Tag

Like other adventure games, this game also features many available game modes that offer you different playing experiences and challenges. Here is the list of game modes that you can choose.

Casual Mode

The first game mode that I want to mention is the Casual Mode. This game mode allows you to live a normal life when becoming a gorilla. You can roam around the map to observe the wonderful landscape. There is no fight in this game mode. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about being tagged or killed. You can make new friends, team up, strategize, and work together to explore the virtual world at your own pace. However, the Casual Mode does not allow you to choose special skins. In general, this mode focuses on providing an enjoyable and social experience, allowing you to interact, explore, and have fun within the virtual world. If you like a peaceful life, you can choose this game mode. With its mechanics in a more casual and leisurely manner, it is suitable for players of all skill levels.

Infection Mode

The second available game mode in this game is Infection Mode. In this game mode, if you transform into a Lava Monke, you are called an infected gorilla. As its name suggests, the game mode requires you to catch and tag other gorillas to make them infected. When other gorillas on the map are infected, they will join the ranks of the infected and assist in pursuing the remaining survivors. The game will end when all gorillas are tagged and infected or the time is over. Note that you have a jump or speed boost when becoming the Lava Monke.

In contrast, if you do not become a Lava Monke, it means that you belong to a group of survivors. The mission of a survivor is to escape from the infected gorilla. You must use your agility, speed, and evasive maneuvers to avoid being caught by the infected gorilla. Let's swing, jump, or climb around the virtual environment to outmaneuver your pursuers. Sometimes, you need to hide in a safe place to avoid the notice of the infected gorilla. Because there are more survivors on the map at the start of the game, I suggest you and the remaining gorillas work as a team. Your team should strategize and support each other in order not to be tagged until the time limit expires.

Hunt Mode

Next, you should take a look at the Hunt Mode in this game. This game mode was launched on December 10, 2021, and is considered to be the most interesting game mode. When playing this mode, you will transform into the hunter whose task is to search for other players and murder them. Note that you will be equipped with a Hunt Watch. This tool will give you some information about your targets. For example, you can know your target's colors, cosmetics, names, and proximities when looking at the Hunt Watch. In addition, after identifying your target's location, you can ask a new player to chase this target. The game will end when there is only one hunter surviving on the map. If you are a victor, the Hunt Watch will send a winning congratulatory notification.

Contrarily, if you are tagged by other Hunters, you will transform into an Ice Gorilla. Actually, at this time, you will not become the targets of the Hunters. However, you are still tasked with attacking the Hunters on the map. You are able to decrease their speed and maneuverability and stop them from winning the game.

Paintbrawl Mode

The final game mode I want to introduce is Paintbrawl Mode. This mode commences with you joining the slingshots with other gorillas on the map. The fight includes the Blue and Orange teams. The members of each team will be chosen at random. No matter which team you belong to, your task is to use your slingshot to shoot paint at your rivals and destroy their balloons. Note that your opponents are the members of the opposite team. Moreover, you have only three balloons on your back. You have to protect these balloons at all costs because they are your lives. If all your balloons are destroyed, you will transform into Paint Gorillas. At this time, you cannot destroy any balloon of other gorillas. However, you are able to use your slingshot to shoot at your enemies to make them tired. The tired gorillas will have yellow or cyan fur and move slower. The fight will end when all members of one of the two teams become Paint Gorillas.

All maps in Gorilla Tag

The virtual world in this game has many maps that you can discover. When playing this game, you can freely explore dense forests and caves. Moreover, you can go through the orange tunnel to reach the canyon or climb high mountains. The city is also a wonderful map in this game. When visiting the City, do not forget to find the ATM to check out your shiny rock balance. In addition, the City map is distributed into many three floors. On the first floor, you can check out your current amount of shiny rocks. On the third floor, you can purchase many impressive cosmetics at different prices. Moreover, remember to discover the Clouds map in this game. This is a small jungle in the sky. Ultimately, the Basement and Beach are two recommended maps in this game. In the Basement, you can take a rest because this place is decorated like a house. Meanwhile, the Beach map is the best place to have fun with other players. There is a sunken ship, a coral reef ocean, a fortress, ropes mainly near the sunken ship, and zip lines around the map

In conclusion

In a nutshell, Gorilla Tag stands as a testament to the power and potential of virtual reality gaming. Its unique gameplay mechanics, social interaction, and immersive experience combine to create an engaging and unforgettable adventure. Whether swinging through the trees, strategizing with teammates, or exploring stunning virtual landscapes, this game captivates you and transports you to a world where you can unleash your inner primate. With an ever-evolving community and a commitment to innovation, this game continues to redefine the boundaries of adventure gaming, inviting you to embark on an extraordinary journey through the eyes of a gorilla.