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Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is a fighting game between a magical cat and ghosts through 5 levels. Each level is dominated by a dangerous boss. Let's eliminate all! These bosses will have different fighting abilities, so let's be careful in battles!

Magic Cat Academy Battles

A magical cat and dangerous ghosts are attacking each other and creating 5 unique magical battles. Are you ready to participate in each battle? These battles are extremely interesting and have many outstanding features.

The Battlefield Of Every Battle

All battles take place at the magic academy. Ghosts are trying to invade this academy. Unfortunately, the students in the academy are extremely brave and they are determined to restore peace to the academy. In particular, players will transform into a cat with peak magical abilities to participate in battles.

Battles will change locations from the library, cafeteria, and sports field to the laboratory. Each location becomes a battlefield for the players to enjoy. This change will also lead to a change in your competitors.

Your Rivals In Magic Cat Academy

There are 5 arenas, so you also need to defeat 5 opponents to win this game. At the library, you will face the librarian while a proctor ghost awaits you at the sports field. Or a ghost pot in the cafeteria is your opponent.

These bosses all have the ability to call on other ghosts to attack. In addition, they all have large amounts of health. Therefore, you need to use more attacks to defeat these bosses. In particular, the final boss is extremely dangerous because he is the head of all the ghosts. The final boss can be fought at a fast pace, so you need to be very careful.

The Fighting Ways

To fight, you just need to use your mouse to draw symbols. These symbols need to correspond to the symbols above the ghosts' heads to destroy them. Remember to draw in order to achieve the effect of the magic.

In addition, there are a few special symbols that give you superpowers. For example, heart symbols can increase your health, and lightning symbols can kill multiple ghosts at once.

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