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Climb Over It

Test your dexterity through this game

Climb Over It is a game to conquer difficult terrain for skillful people. Your task is to move the character forward and overcome dangerous terrain.

Compared to Stickman Climb 2, this game is somewhat more difficult. Although this game does not have deadly traps, its terrain is rugged and more difficult to navigate. You will see steep cliffs and steep mounds. Your character cannot move on two legs so this game becomes more difficult than ever. He only had a hammer in his hand. Taking advantage of the strength of his arm and using the hammer as a paddle to move forward was what he needed to do. This game will be quite difficult for beginners. Practicing a lot will help you hone your abilities.

Conquer difficult terrain in Climb Over It

Bumpy roads and cliffs will make many gamers give up. Can you persevere until the end?

Move forward

The hammer will be the fulcrum for the character to take big steps forward. Of course, you will be the one controlling the character and the hammer. This hammer can change its length. You need to skillfully place the hammer in suitable positions so the character can move forward. The most difficult thing is climbing the steep slopes. At this point, your character may lose momentum and fall backward. Don't act too fast! Take it slow so the character doesn't lose momentum.

Unlock new worlds

This game has three worlds which can be opened by gems. These gems can be found on the way. Therefore, you should try to collect as many gems as possible. You need 5 gems to unlock world 2 and 15 gems to open world 3. Each world has a different terrain and background. Can you unlock all of them? I'm waiting for your answer.