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Om Nom Run

Your adventure in Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run is an exciting running game that impresses you with its endless racetrack. Run on this racetrack to collect tokens and complete different missions.

Finish missions

This game includes 12 chapters and 120 missions. These missions are to reach a certain distance, collect tokens or letters, and perform stunts. You must transform into a green alien named Om Nom and finish these missions in the shortest time. You will be teleported to different locations and run on endless racetracks. These racetracks are full of dangers that stop you from accomplishing the missions. Therefore, you must jump or move left or right in order not to crash into hazards during the run. Moreover, you will see many doors along the way. Some doors can be unlocked but the other ones are obstacles. Therefore, I do not encourage you to go through these doors. Do not forget to collect the scooter along the way. after getting a scooter, you are able to fly in the sky and collect more tokens.

Discover different places

After you complete a chapter, a new location will be unlocked. There is a total of 9 locations in this game. They are Nomville, Storm Drain, Magic Forest, Evil Spider's Lair, Robot Factory, Market, Rooftops, Space Station, and Airport. Each location has a distinct series of obstacles. For example, in the Nomville's subway, you must dodge many trains and barriers. In Storm Drain, wooden boxes and monsters are dangerous. Meanwhile, while running in the Magic Forest, you should watch out for trees and wild animals. Although these maps hide many threatening things, they have wonderful landscapes. Let's start your adventure and explore them now.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the alien character to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to guide the character to jump and overcome numerous obstacles.

Press a down arrow key to control the character to slide down.

More attractive things about Om Nom Run

The stunt championship

Like Gorilla Tag, this game also features many special events. The most dominant event is The Stunt Championship. This event lasted 7 days. If you want to become the champion in this event, you must play this game many times and perform as many stunts as possible during your adventure. The number of stunts will affect your score and rank. If you can get the highest stunt score, you will get the first rank on the stunt leaderboard. The highest prize in this championship is 2000 tokens.

Daily rewards and prize wheel

If you return to the game regularly, you can receive many daily rewards. These rewards are many tokens. In particular, if you keep playing this game for five days, you will claim a big token chest. Therefore, do not forget to check out this interesting running game every day. In addition, if you want to earn more tokens, you can spin the prize wheel. You can spin it for free one time every hour. The coins you earn can be used to purchase new characters and stunt poses in the store.