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Explore Narrow.One

It's time to participate in the battles between archers in Narrow.One. Run around to find the opponents and shoot down them to help your team win.

The fight between archers

At the start of the room, you will enter a training room where you can practice your shooting skills. After mastering this skill, you can choose to join a random public room or create a private room. If you choose a random public room, you will become a member of a red team or blue team. If you create a private room, you can choose your favorite team and invite your friends to play with you.

When the fight starts, you have to be quick to attack your rivals on the playing field. Note that you can enter your rivals' basement or stand in your basement and attack your opponents from a far distance. Try to aim accurately and take down them with the fewest shots. You also need to combine between offense and defense. It means that you should try to protect yourself and your teammates during the fights. Besides, you can change your weapons for free in order to be suitable for fighting against different types of opponents.


Use the Arrow Keys to guide the archer to move.

Use the Spacebar to control the archer jump.

Use 1-2-3-4-5-6 keys to change the arrows and bows.

Hold the left mouse button to aim at other archers.

Release the left mouse button to shoot down the archers in the playing field.

Use a Y key to change the camera view to look around the arena.

Various game maps in Narrow.One

Like Smash Karts, this game also offers many game maps. When you join a public room, you will be teleported to a random map. However, if you create a private room, you can choose between 18 game maps. They are Graveyard, Desert, Gatehouse. Frosty Fortress, Jungle, Temple, Hill, Tower, Ruin, Arena, Castle, Field, Arch, and Alley, Hall, and Fort. Because each map has a distinct feature and terrain, you should consider them before selecting. For example, the Desert map has no building, so it is hard for you to hide in this map. If you choose the Castle map, you can hide in your castle to attack your rivals from a far distance. Remember that all maps are unlocked, so you can choose them freely.