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Smash Karts

Exploring the engaging gameplay of Smash Karts

Try Smash Karts which tasks you with embarking on exhilarating kart races. Gather weapons hidden in the boxes and attack all kart drivers in the arena.

Continuous battles

This interesting game is a perfect choice for racing fans because it features thrilling kart races. After clicking the Play button, you will be taken to a random kart race in a random arena. This is not a normal race because your target is the finish line. Instead, your target is other kart drivers. You must eliminate them from the arena to become the strongest kart driver and get the first rank on the leaderboard. To kill other players, you must collect the boxes in the arena first because they hide different types of weapons. These weapons can be rockets, spiked maces, machine guns, mines, nukes, and so on. Note that you should look at the symbol on the box to distinguish between the real box and the fake box. The fake box has a skull symbol and is dropped by other players. This fake box will explode and hurt you as soon as you collect it. Otherwise, the real box has a quest symbol. After getting the weapon in the box, you can attack your rivals in the arena. The more enemies you can eliminate, the higher your rank is on the leaderboard. After winning a battle, you will claim many stars and be taken to another fight to continue to battle with other players. If you do not want to join the battle anymore, you can click the Quit button.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to drive your kart around the arena.

Press the spacebar to use your weapons or throw bombs.

Press any key to start your battle.

Thrilling Game Modes in Smash Karts

When you create a private room in this game, you can select between four game modes like Gorilla Tag. Note that each game mode in this multiplayer game presents a unique and engaging experience.

  • Free For All: This game mode offers a chaotic battle in which you must encounter all members in this room. Your goal in this game mode is to take down as many kart drivers in the arena as possible to get the highest score and rank on the leaderboard.
  • Gem Collector: The arena in this game mode is full of gems, so you have to pick them up to become the ultimate victor.
  • Capture The Flag: In this game mode, your target is not only your rivals but also the flag. The final team who can capture the flag will become the winner in this battle.
  • Hat Holder: This is the final game mode in this game and its playing rule is a little different from other ones. When playing this game mode, you can become a hat holder or a normal player. If you are a hat holder, you are tasked with protecting your hat at all costs. Note that you cannot collect or use weapons when holding the hat. Instead, if you are a normal player, you can use the weapons to attack the hat holder and steal this hat. When the time is over, the one who owns this hat will become the winner.

Besides choosing the game mode, you can select the features of the battle. If you want to join the battle within a limited time, you can select the Timer button. In contrast, you can choose the Score Target button. It means that the game will end when one of the players gets the target score.