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Foxy Land 2

Foxy Land 2 is the second version of the Foxy Land series where you become a Foxy fox and join adventures to conquer dangers and explore new lands. This new online game will put you surprise with various challenges!

Challenges of Foxy Land 2

This adventure game is diverse in terms of challenges. Like Temple Run 2, these challenges will always appear on your paths and their purpose is to prevent you from winning. Do you let them fulfill their goals?

The first challenge is the obstacles on the way. These obstacles are familiar in the world of Foxy Land with its dense forests. Dangerous opponents like gray wolves will appear to attack you.

Second, the terrain is also a challenge for all players. You can run on flat ground, climb high hills, or crawl into deep caves. The variety of terrain will require many control skills. You need to control your character skillfully to conquer this challenge.

Playing Instructions

In Foxy Land 2, there are a few tutorials on gameplay and controls. Players can refer to it and apply it to their own adventures.

Gameplay Of Foxy Land 2

In this game, you will transform into Foxy and move forward. During the move, you need to complete your mission and keep Foxy safe.

Your mission will change with each level. The game may ask you to collect enough cherries, protect baby foxes, or find a way out. These requirements will be announced at the beginning of a level.

In addition to mission, you also need to pay attention to protecting your Foxy character. Your character can face many dangers and challenges. For each danger, you need different methods. For example, if you face a gray wolf, it's time to show off your fighting ability. Or if you enter a deep cave, quickly find a way out of the underground maze.

Ways to Control Foxy

You can control Foxy easily through the arrow keys. With this control, most players can master it the first time and immerse themselves in Foxy's adventures in no time!