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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the second version in the Temple Run series where your character is escaping from a giant gorilla while traversing dangerous forests and caves. Are you ready to join a new adventure with your character?

New Adventure In Temple Run 2

In this new version, players will still transform into an archaeologist who is researching ancient temples in the deep forest. During this journey, your character arrives at an ancient temple where a dangerous gorilla is guarding. If you've ever played Gorilla Tag, you'll know about the terrifying power of this creature. It can destroy any other living thing. Therefore, your urgent task is to avoid the gorilla's pursuit.

In addition to the gorilla's attack, this journey is adventurous because you also have to face dangers from the forest. This wild forest includes many terrifying creatures and natural traps. These traps are formed over millions of years as toxic waters, deep holes, large tree branches, giant crocodiles, or rushing waterfalls. All these dangers are waiting for you to conquer.

Way to Conquer Temple Adventures

In Temple Run 2, the gameplay is similar to the first version. Therefore, to conquer this adventure game, you can absolutely apply any of the previous strategies. Let's recall some important rules!

Some Important Rules

If you become an archaeologist and run in Temple Run 2, you need to follow some of the following rules to win the game.

  • Control the character with the arrow keys to avoid dangers. You can run, slide, jump, and turn. For different obstacles, you need to apply different movement skills. For example, you can jump over low rock branches while you need to slide over high tree branches. In different situations, you need different methods to handle difficulties. This factor leads to the difference in points between players.
  • Avoiding a gorilla's attack is the primary mission because the game will end if you are caught by a gorilla. To avoid this danger, players need to make sure to overcome obstacles in the safest way. If you just stumble across an obstacle, the gorilla will immediately catch up with you.
  • Points will be calculated based on the distance you run. The farther you run, the higher your score. In addition, this running game also counts achievements for players through collected coins. Coins are placed a lot on the roads. You just need to touch them to collect them.

Other Factors in Temple Run 2

When participating in this online game, players can access a number of other sections in addition to the Play section. The first section is Stats where you can track your results by Single Run and Lifetime. In Single Run, you can follow Highest Score, Longest Run, and Most Coins while the Lifetime includes Total Runs, Total Distance, Total Coins, and Best Daily Streak. The second section is Settings for music and sound volume.

After that, don't forget the Challenges section where you can collect a large amount of coins through missions. Missions will change each day and require players to complete different tasks. For example, you need to achieve 45,000 points to win 200 coins on Day 1.

Finally, Abilities is a favorite section because it provides many superpowers to players. You can purchase superpowers like Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, and Boost Distance and activate them with the Spacebar button during your travels.