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Subway Surfers Tokyo

The gameplay of Subway Surfers Tokyo

Why don't you try playing Subway Surfers Tokyo which is the 175th version of the Subway Surfers series now? Escape from the inspector and collect coins.

Explore Tokyo

The next destination of Jake in this world tour is Tokyo which is a beautiful city in Japan. When coming to this city, he encounters the inspector one more time. Therefore, the chase between Jake and the inspector on the subway starts again. Of course, your mission is to assist Jake in escaping from the inspector and discovering Tokyo. The subway in this city is full of barriers, trains, traffic lines, and cherry blossom trees. Moreover, the walls of the subway are also colorful. While Jake is running, you must control the boy to move to the left or right, jump, or slide down to avoid colliding with these obstacles on the subway. Moreover, you can activate the skateboard to help Jake go faster. Note that this skateboard will disappear if Jake hits the dangers.

Collectible Items

  • Coins: These coins are scattered along the subway or on the roofs of the trains. You must collect them because they can be used to buy new characters, skateboards, and costumes.
  • Letters: Do not ignore any letter on the subway. If you collect enough letters to create a meaningful word, you are allowed to unlock a mysterious box. This box can contain new characters, skateboards, or costumes.
  • Power-ups: Like Om Nom Run, this game also offers many collectible power-ups such as 2X Multiplier, Coin Magnet, Jetpack, Pogo Stick, and the Super Sneakers. Collect them to get more points, collect more coins, and jump higher.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide Jake to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to guide the boy to jump over short obstacles.

Use a down arrow key to slide down to evade obstacles.

Use the spacebar to activate the skateboard.

New things in Subway Surfers Tokyo

This new installment offers a new character named Yuto. He is a Tokyo boy who is 14 years old. Moreover, in this game, the character named Cathy will get a new outfit named Visual Kei Outfit. She also has a new skateboard named Sweet Chili. You must accumulate as many keys as possible to buy these new outfits and skateboards.