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Bundle Beeline

Your work in Bundle Beeline

Are you ready for your delivery work in Bundle Beeline? You have to be quick to deliver the packages to different houses before the orders are canceled.

Deliver the packages

Like Boxbrawl Delivery, this game also requires you to transform into a delivery guy named Bundle. As soon as the packages appear, you must pick them up and transport them to the designated houses. You can look at the direction signals on the packages to know where you should go. Note that the time for each package is limited. If you cannot reach the destination before the time is over, the orders will be canceled. In contrast, if you can deliver the packages successfully in the shortest time, you will get three stars and a score. Note that the score will affect the number of golden tickets you will get. For example, if you get a D, you will claim 10 golden tickets. Meanwhile, if your score is F, you will obtain only 7 golden tickets.

Evade dangers

While running to the receivers' houses, you should be careful with hazards such as birds or robots. If you hit them, your packages will be destroyed. Note that the orders will be canceled when the packages are destroyed. You have only three stars. You will lose one star after the receivers cancel an order. The game is over when you become a delivery guy with no stars. Therefore, you must try to protect the packages at all costs. Do your best to deliver as many packages as possible and become the best delivery guy. Besides, you can check out BoardRun io which is an awesome io game on our website.

How to control

Press a Z key to select or jump high.

Press an X key to pick up the packages.

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the delivery guy to move left or right.

Use an R key to restart the game.