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More things you should know about Catatattack!

Catatattack! is a thrilling action game in which you can play as a cute white cat. Let's fight against other black cats and evade the attack of the police.

All game modes

Like Gorilla Tag, this game also impresses you with many game modes. This game allows you to choose between three game modes which are Kitty, Cat, and Survival. If you are a newbie, you should choose the Kitty mode first. This is the easiest game mode in this game. Then, you can try the Cat mode which is more challenging. Note that in both Kitty and Cat modes, you must join five fights to win the game. In contrast, if you want to embark on an endless battle, you should select the Survival mode. This game mode requires you to survive as long as possible to gain the highest score while evading multiple dangers.

All phases

In each fight in this game, you must go through five phases.

  • Phase 1: In the first phase, your enemies are only black cats. These cats will appear on the roofs of the cars. If you stand near them, they will attack you. Therefore, you should attack these cats before they kill you. Remember that eliminating black cats will help you earn many points. You can collect baseball bats to raise your power.
  • Phase 2: In the next phase, the new rivals appear. They are colorful cats dropping from the sky. You cannot attack them, so you should jump from one car to another car to evade them. Before these cats fall, warning signals will appear. Look at these signals to identify the positions of the dropping cats and dodge them.
  • Phase 3: There are no new opponents in this phase, but the number of enemies will increase. If you want to survive, you must react quickly, use your fighting skills, and jump as high as possible to evade all dangers.
  • Phase 4: In the fourth phase, you will encounter not only other cats but also the police. The police drive the cars or planes to chase after you. They use a gun to shoot at you. You should jump high to evade being shot down.
  • Phase 5: This is considered to be the Boss phase because the boss will appear in this phase. The giant boss will cause great damage to you, so you should be careful with him. When you see the warning signal about the emergence of the boss, you should jump to another car to evade him. Note that if you are about to run out of blood, you can collect the hearts to obtain more blood.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys or A-D keys to control the cat to move left or right.

Press an X key to guide the cat to jump.

Press a Z key to control the cat to attack the cats.

Press a Z key three times for an attack combo.

Press an X key two times for double jumps.