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Cowboy Swing

The gameplay of Cowboy Swing

Are you ready for the adventure of the cowboy in Cowboy Swing? Use the rope to help the cowboy swing as far as possible to escape from the toxic air.

The town is covered by toxic air. As a cowboy, you must escape from the town bow to avoid being poisoned. Let's hold the left mouse button to use the rope to hook on the hooks along the way and then release it to fly far. Additionally, you should not stay in the toxic air if you do not want to die soon.

In fact, this game is inspired by the famous game called Stickman Hook, but it has a distinct feature. For example, unlike the original version which has many levels, this game offers endless gameplay. This is similar to Death Run 3D. You must fly as far as possible to get the highest possible score and survive for the longest time.

Controls: Hold the left mouse button and then release it to guide the cowboy to swing.

Tips to master Cowboy Swing

Jump on bounce pads to fly further

You can see many bounce pads along the way. You can bounce on them to fly further. However, you also need to be careful when using these bounce pads because they can send you in the wrong direction. Moreover, if you do not fall into the bounce pads correctly, you will fall off the screen and lose the game.

Release the rope in time

When you swing to the right, you should release the rope to fly far and continue to hook on another circle. If you swing to the left, do not release your rope. If you release your rope when swinging to the left, you will get sent backward and be covered by the toxic air. Furthermore, because the toxic air chases after you, you need to be quick. Do not swing too long.