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Crazy Caves

Addictive gameplay of Crazy Caves

Let's explore Crazy Caves to find as many resources as possible. Take control of the miner to throw the pickaxes to destroy the rocks and earn coins and gems.

Destroy rocks

This game will take you to a cave in which you can find many resources. They are hidden in the rocks. These rocks are numbered. You must guide the miner to throw as many pickaxes as possible at the rocks to reduce the numbers on them. When the numbers on the rocks reach zero, the rocks will be destroyed. At this time, many coins and valuable gems drop. You must control the miner sitting in the mining cart to move to the left or right to collect the coins and gems. Note that you should pay attention to the rocks having the quest symbol. If you can destroy them, you will get power-ups that assist you in your mining work. However, you should protect the miner from the rocks. If he gets hit, you will lose.

Upgrade statistics

If you want to destroy more rocks faster, you should use your coins to upgrade the number of pickaxes. Moreover, you can pay more money to boost the damage ability of your pickaxes. Finally, you should upgrade the number of coins dropping from the rocks. Note that upgrading is the best way to help you earn more coins and destroy more rocks. Therefore, upgrade the statistics regularly when you play this game.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to guide the miner to move to the left or right.

The store in Crazy Caves

When you visit the store, you can see many mining carts sold at different prices. These mining carts have different colors and designs. You must accumulate as many gems as possible and use them to purchase your favorite mining cart. Additionally, you can use 100 gems to purchase new caves. In the new caves, you can explore more valuable resources, so do not ignore this chance. After exploring four caves in this game, you can come to Temple Run 2 to have fun.