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Cut The Rope: Magic

The story behind Cut The Rope: Magic

Cut The Rope: Magic is a special version of the Cut The Rope series developed in 2015. Enter the magic world and help Om Nom cut ropes to collect candies.

If you are a big fan of Om Nom in Om Nom Run, you should not ignore this game. In this game, Om Nom encounters a magic spider while reading a magic book depicting him transforming into a multitude of different creatures. This spider stole his candies and returned to the book. To regain his candies, Om Nom jumps into the book. Surprisingly, this book takes him to the magic world. In this world, he can see all candies are hung on ropes. You must help Om Nom collect his candies now.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to cut the ropes in the playing field.

Your mission Cut The Rope Magic

Traveling to all lands

Like Gorilla Tag, this game also offers a wonderful adventure. Your destination is the magic world. The magic world has 9 lands. In each land, you must complete many levels and encounter a boss. Moreover, when visiting each land, the appearance of Om Nom will change. Here are some wonderful lands you can explore.

  • Sky Castle: In this castle, Om Nom will transform into a Bird. Moreover, this land has many stars, so collect them.
  • Mushroom Land: When entering this land, Om Nom will transform into a Baby. The levels in this land have many bubbles which help Om Nom fly from place to another one.
  • Magic Forest: Om Nom will become a cute mouse when visiting this forest.
  • Mystery Cave: When traveling to this cave, Om Nom turns into a fish that can swim in the water to collect candies and stars.
  • Ancient Library: There are many obstacles in the library, so Om Nom will turn to a Ghost to cross the obstacles easily.
  • Stone Temple: When visiting this temple, Om Nom will become a Dragon who is powerful. He can destroy any obstacles that block his way.

Completing achievements

  • Tiny and sweet: To get this achievement, you must complete 17 levels in the Mushroom Land.
  • Up and away!: If you want to earn this achievement, you have to win 15 levels in the Sky Castle.
  • Cheese mania: Try your best to finish 22 levels in the Magic Forest to gain this achievement.
  • Deep dive: The only way to get this achievement is to complete 22 levels in Mystery Cave.
  • Mighty Sneeze: If you can beat all levels in the Stone Temple, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • Something wicked: Do your best to win all levels in the Ancient Library if you want to unlock this achievement.
  • Long Reach: You must attempt to complete all levels in the Tree Village to get this achievement.
  • Hats Off!: Visit the Snowy Hills and complete all levels to unlock this achievement.