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Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

The rules of Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

Do you want to become a professional ninja in Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour? Try to run to the temple gate and jump over various dangers along the way.

Run in the forest

This game allows you to transform into a ninja. As a ninja, you are on the way to the temple. Let's run as fast as possible to reach the temple without falling obstacles. When speaking of the obstacles along the way, spiky bushes, lighting columns, and long bamboo are the main dangers in this game. If you want to overcome them, you must jump as high as possible and then land safely. In addition, coins and stars are collectible items in this game. The number of coins and stars you can collect will help you increase your final score. Therefore, I encourage you to pick up all the coins and stars scattered along the way. Like Jack Frost, this game offers 20 levels with different adventures. Each level requires you to earn the highest score to get three stars.

Tips to reach the furthest distance

This running game requires not only skills but also strategies, so I want to suggest some effective tactics for you. Hope that they are useful for your adventure.

  • Raise your speed: Although this game allows you to accelerate your running speed for 3 seconds, you should do that regularly. Whenever your energy bar is full, hold the right arrow key to raise your speed to get to the temple gate soon.
  • Do not jump too early. If you want to overcome long spiky bushes, you should jump as far as possible. However, just start to jump when you are about to collide with the dangers. Jumping too early will make you fall into danger easily.
  • Concentrating is a key. You should pay a high concentration while running.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to control the character to jump over obstacles.

Press the right arrow key to increase the running speed of the ninja.