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Doodle Jump

The adventure in Doodle Jump

It's time to start a new journey with the yellow alien in Doodle Jump. Jumping on high platforms and fighting against monsters are your tasks in this game.

Jump on different platforms

This game allows you to take the role of the yellow alien named Doodler. You must try to jump on the highest platforms to gain the highest possible score. Like Death Run 3D, this game also offers a global leaderboard and a local leaderboard. Therefore, earning the highest score will help you get a high rank on these leaderboards. While jumping, you should distinguish many platforms.

  • Green Platforms. They are the safest platforms in this game because you can stand on them without falling. On these platforms, you can find some trampolines. Jumping on these trampolines will help you jump higher. Moreover, there are jetpacks and propeller beanies scattered on these green platforms. You can collect them to fly high.
  • Blue Platforms: These platforms are movable, so you should be careful when jumping on them.
  • White Platforms: These platforms look like clouds. They will disappear right after you touch them. Therefore, after jumping on them, you must jump on another green or blue platform quickly.
  • Brown Platforms: They are broken platforms. Therefore, I advise you to stay away from these platforms if you do not want to fall.

Battle with monsters and UFO

This game offers not only an endless adventure but also an exciting fight. Your opponents in the fight are monsters and UFOs. You will need to encounter many kinds of monsters such as blue-winged monsters, oval green monsters, Rachael von monsters, purple spiders, Camron monsters, the terrifieds, flat green monsters, and blue one-eyed monsters. Note that some of them just move in the designated route while the rest are able to actively attack you. You must not only stay away from them but also shoot them down before they kill you.

Besides monsters, you also need to take caution with UFOs which sometimes appear. They want to kidnap you, so you must jump on another platform to escape them. The UFOs will get away after failing to kidnap you.

How to control

Use the left-right arrow key to guide the character to jump to the left or right.

Use an up arrow key to shoot up to destroy obstacles.