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Flash Blaster

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Flash Blaster is an exciting shooting game featuring endless gameplay. Take control of the cannon to shoot down as many fish as possible to earn coins.

Catch fish

If you are looking for an interesting arcade game, you should take a look at this game which will take you to a deep ocean. In this game, you need to catch fish in the ocean to earn coins. Note that you are equipped with a cannon, so you can use it to catch fish. Let's rotate the cannon to the left or right to aim at the fish. You should aim at the small fish first because they can be shot down easily. However, you will claim silver coins if you catch small fish. If you want to earn golden coins, you should aim at bigger fish. It will take you more time to catch the big fish. However, be patient and try to chase after the fish if they escape.

Level up

Your level will increase as you catch fish. Therefore, you should try to catch as many fish as possible to reach the highest level. There are a total of six levels in this game. They are Beginner, Steal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Whenever you level, a wave will appear and sweep all the fish away. Then, a new wave of fish will appear.

How to control: Click the left mouse to shoot at the fish.

Various cannons in Flash Blaster

There are five types of cannons in this game. If you just want to catch small fish, you can choose small and cheaper cannons. These cannons will launch smaller fishing nets. Meanwhile, the more powerful cannons are more expensive. However, they will launch bigger fishing nets that can catch the bigger fish. Note that each shot costs a lot of money. Therefore, you should aim accurately before you shoot in order to avoid wasting your money.