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Fuzzies is a bubble-shooting game with new characters. Move all the fuzzies away from the evil bird by connecting 3 or more fuzzies of the same color! In this new game, you will have a story to explore and a series of puzzles to conquer!

Explore Fuzzies Story

The evil bird always wants to catch all the fuzzies in this gaming world to make a colorful dress. The magpie's beauty dream leads to this evil plan. To stop this evil plan, the fuzzies cooperated with each other and fought against the evil bird. Fuzzies' plan is to move away from everywhere the magpie goes. To carry out this escape plan, the fuzzies need your support through each puzzle.

After completing this puzzle game, players can challenge themselves with adventures in the deep forest through the Temple Run 2 game.

Conquer All Puzzles

In the Fuzzies game, there are 15 levels and each level is a challenge. You need to follow the following requirements to complete a level.

Complete a Level with Rules

To complete a level, players need to follow some of the following requirements.

  • You need to remove all the fuzzies on the home screen. The level only ends when these fuzzies are safely removed.
  • Quickly remove the fuzzies before they reach the finish line where the evil bird is waiting for you.
  • To remove fuzzies, you need to combine 3 or more fuzzies of the same color. Fuzzies of any color can connect to each other. However, they can only be removed if they are the same color.

In addition to the 3 main rules, players should also pay attention to a few special things about this game.

Some Special Fuzzies Things

In the Fuzzies game, you can use special fuzzies as a bomb. It can remove large amounts of fuzzies when activated. However, this item is rare and it only appears a few times per level. You need to click on these special fuzzies to use it. If you don't use it, the special fuzzies will disappear after a short time.

In addition, there are colorful fuzzies. This type of fuzzies can be combined with any colored fuzzies to remove. During the removal process, the game does not limit the number of shots. However, your time is limited because the fuzzies will be brought closer to the finish line over time.