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Hero Rescue

Your mission of Hero Rescue

Hero Rescue is a famous puzzle game that requires you to join an exciting adventure of the hero. Fight against monsters to find treasures and save the princess.

Rescue the princess

The kingdom is attacked by a monster army. These monsters kidnapped the princess. Therefore, a brave hero enters the palace to rescue the princess. However, this is a challenging task, so you must help the hero now. You must eliminate the pin to help the hero reach the prison where the princess is imprisoned. You should be careful with the monster soldiers because they can attack the hero. You can remove the pin to make the water or lava fall into the monsters first. Or you can free the potion air to poison the monster. The monsters will be eliminated after they touch water or lava or breathe the potion air. Moreover, you can help the hero pick up the sword to fight against the monster. Besides defeating the monsters, you also need to keep the princess. Do not let her touch water or lava if you do not want to lose the level.

Find treasures

The second task in this game is to search for the treasures. You must eliminate the pin to help water to fall into the lava first. the stones will be created after you combine the water and lava. At this time, you can eliminate the pin near the hero to help him fall into the stones. The hero can run through the stones safely to reach the place where the treasures are hidden. The level will be completed after you find the treasures.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to remove the pin.

All levels in Hero Rescue

Like Wario Land 2, this game also offers many levels. Specifically, you should complete 80 levels to finish your rescue plan. Each level presents unique challenges, mind-boggling puzzles, and thrilling obstacles. After winning a level and completing a mission, you will be rewarded many coins. Can you beat all levels in this game and become the richest hero?