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Loco Golf

Exciting facts about Loco Golf

Loco Golf is an exciting sports game featuring many levels and maps. Aim accurately and hit the ball into the hole to complete the level and earn three stars.

Your tasks

If you like playing golf, you should try this game now. In this game, you need to use a golf club to hit the ball into the hole where the flag is placed. You should hold the left mouse button to aim accurately first and then release it to hit the ball. Try not to let the ball fall into the water. If it falls into the water, it will return to its original place. Moreover, there are many laser traps on the playing field. These laser traps will destroy your ball, so you need to guide the ball to evade them at all costs. You can utilize two power-ups at the bottom of the screen. If you want your ball to fly higher, you should use the Fire power-up. If you want to aim more accurately, you should use the Accuracy power-up. Note that you must put the ball into the hole within a limited time. The faster you can do that, the more stars you can get. When the time is over, you must restart the level and the golf course.

Besides avoiding obstacles and sinking the ball into the hole, you also need to guide it to collect the red gems on the playing field.

All characters

This game offers 9 characters originating from famous characters. Only three characters including Gumball, Ice Bear, and Craig are available for selection. The rest of the characters are locked, so you must accumulate as many stars as possible to unlock them. Here are some tips to unlock all 6 characters in the game.

  • Robin: You must earn 15 stars to unlock this character.
  • Panda: This character can be unlocked after you accumulate enough 30 stars.
  • Kelsey Bern: Try to earn 45 stars to get this character.
  • Grizz: This character will be unlocked after you get 60 stars.
  • Darwin Watterson: You can accumulate 60 stars to get this character.
  • Starfire: This is the most expensive character because it costs 90 stars.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to aim and release it to hit the golf ball.

Interesting levels and maps in Loco Golf

Like Gorilla Tag, this game also features many maps. Specifically, there are a total of four maps including Amazing World Of Gumball, We Baby Bear, Craig Of The Creek, and Teen Titan Go. These maps are inspired by famous cartoons of Network Cartoon. Only the map Amazing World Of Gumball is available for gameplay. The rest of the maps are locked. If you want to unlock them, you must earn at least 36 stars. In each map, you must complete 16 levels and earn a maximum of 45 stars. The degree of difficulty of these levels will rise and the obstacles in the levels in different maps will also be different. Therefore, you need to practice your skills to win all levels in this game. Make sure that at each level, you can collect at least one red gem.