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Lunar Worm

The gameplay of Lunar Worm

Welcome to an exciting adventure with a little worm in Lunar Worm! Guide the worm to dig as deep as possible and collect the gems to gain more energy.

Your journey in the Moon

In this game, you will play as a worm who drops from the sky into the moon at a fast speed. You need to dig deep into the Moon until you reach the core of this planet. Note that your energy is limited and the gems in the Moon can provide energy. Therefore, you should collect as many colorful gems as possible to earn more energy and continue your adventure. If you want to dig faster and deeper, you can collect the red pill. After eating the red pill, your digging speed will increase dramatically and you will enter an area in which you can find more gems. However, you should take caution with bombs on the Moon. If you touch them, they will explode and destroy nearby areas. Moreover, the bombs will make your energy run out faster. You should stay away from the bombs while digging.

Play the game to start your wonderful adventure on the Moon now. After that, do not forget to join an interesting adventure in Om Nom Run.

Tips to dig deeper

  • Take control of the digging speed of the worm. You should not dig too faster because this will make you hit the bombs easily.
  • Distinguish two types of grounds. The white ground is softer while the dark ground is harder. Therefore, you cannot stop when digging the white ground.
  • Keep moving straight after you eat the red pill. This help you reach the deeper place at a fast speed.
  • Keep moving when you run out of energy. When you run out of energy, you still can move for a few seconds. You can utilize this chance to dig deeper and do not try to collect any gem.

How to control

Press a R key to start this interesting game.

Press the arrow keys to guide the worm to dig as deep as possible.