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Midnight Mice

The adventure in Midnight Mice

Are you ready for the hunt for cheese with a little mouse in Midnight Mice? Guide the mice to collect as many cheeses as possible to get a high score.

Your mission

At night, because the little mouse is too hungry, it goes around the village to find cheese. You will play as this mouse and roam around the village to collect cheeses. Note that each cheese is worth 100 points. You must pick up as many cheeses as possible to gain the highest possible score. While hunting for the cheeses, you should take caution with the flying black cat. This cat will appear regularly and land in a random place. After this cat lands, the buildings near this place are destroyed. If you stand near this place, you are also killed. Therefore, before the cat lands in any place, you must run away to escape from the cat. Keep in mind you are able to dash to escape faster. Moreover, you should not move to a dead end.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to control the mouse to move around.

Press the spacebar or Enter to unlock the mouse to dash.

The Hall Of Mice in Midnight Mice

In the Hall Of Mice, you can see 10 mice trophies. There are 7 normal trophies, one bronze trophy, one silver trophy, and one golden trophy. If you want to get these trophies, you must earn a certain number of points. Actually, it may be challenging for you to get the silver, bronze, and gold trophies because they require you to earn more than 10,000 points. However, I believe you can do that if you master the skills of controlling the mouse and come up with effective tactics. Good luck! Besides, I would like to introduce Deepest Sword which is also an excellent adventure game on our website.