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Mr Stretch VIP And The Stolen Fortune

About Mr Stretch VIP And The Stolen Fortune

Mr Stretch VIP And The Stolen Fortune is a wonderful adventure game in which you must explore the ancestral manor. Try to collect all the gems in the manor.

Your adventure

This game is about Mr Stretch who is a green slime. One day, Mr Stretch visits his ancestors's manor and finds many valuable gems. Therefore, he decides to explore this manor to gather all the gems and find secrets from the past. You must help Mr Stretch now. Note that the slime guy is able to stretch his body to reach a further place. You can guide this character to stretch to the left or right to evade obstacles and collect all gems. Note that after you release the arrow keys, the character will fall back into his original position. If you want the slime to grab another wall, you should press toward it while Mr Stretch's head is against it. Then release the arrow keys and the character will pull himself onto this wall. Do your best to collect all gems and reach the exit wall to move to the next level.

All dangers in the manor

Note that the head and body of the character are vulnerable, so you do not let him crash into any danger in the manor. You should take caution with spirit spikes, floaters, and dangerous blocks. The spirit spikes are set up around the manor while the floaters can fly in the designated route. The dangerous blocks just move by accident. Hitting them will cause the loss of hearts and you have only three hearts. If you run out of heart, the slime will be melted and the game is over. Therefore, you should keep Mr Stretch away from these dangerous obstacles and enemies.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to guide the slime to stretch.

All levels in Mr Stretch VIP And The Stolen Fortune

Like Jack Frost, this game also features many levels. There are a total of 20 levels which must be completed in order. In each level, you are required to collect a certain number of gems. Do your best to finish the task at each level and gain the highest possible score.