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Ninja Frog

The rules of Ninja Frog

It's time to jump into exciting adventures in Ninja Frog. Let's overcome dangerous obstacles and aggressive enemies to reach the finish line and collect apples.

Join the adventure

This game is inspired by a famous adventure game named Super Mario Bros, so it also offers a thrilling adventure. In this adventure, you will become a frog ninja who is keen on traveling. You will run over many forests and rivers to reach the finish line where you can collect a red diamond. Your adventure will end after the red diamond is collected. Besides this diamond, apples are also collectible items in this exciting journey. These apples are scattered along the way or hidden in wooden boxes. You can collect the apples along the way or destroy the wooden boxes to get the apples. To destroy the wooden boxes, you just need to jump and hit them. This game includes 5 levels corresponding to 5 lands. You must visit these lands to join wonderful adventures now. As a ninja, you should practice your skills such as running, dodging, and jumping, and prepare well before starting your adventures.

All dangers

Every adventure always has hazards that you need to watch out for. When embarking on adventures in this game, you also need to encounter numerous obstacles and enemies.

  • The Mushroom: The mushroom will run from left to right and vice versa. Sometimes, you will see two or more mushrooms running together. They will not actively attack you.
  • The Bunny: The pink bunny is really big and runs from left to right. To eliminate this enemy, you just need to jump on its head.
  • The Parrot: You will meet the blue parrot along the way. Right after the parrot sees you, it will chase after you. You must jump on the head of the parrot to stop it from chasing you. Don't worry because the flying speed of this parrot is fairly slow.
  • Spike Traps: There are many spike traps along the way and falling into them will cause your instant death. Therefore, you should jump them to evade these spike traps.
  • Sawblades: The sawblades are movable. You need to jump over these sawblades to avoid losing the game.
  • Breakable Platforms: If you jump on these platforms, they will drop into the river immediately. Therefore, after jumping on them, you should jump on another platform quickly.
  • Piranha Plant: You can see many green chimneys along the way and the piranha plants will appear from these chimneys. You must wait for these plants to disappear and jump over the chimneys as fast as possible.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to control the frog to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to guide the frog to jump over dangers.

Press an up arrow key twice to jump higher.