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The journey in Qubee

Qubee invites you to join a great adventure with a red cube. Guide the cube to jump over various dangers to reach the checkpoints and exit the portal safely.

Overcome dangers in the factory

Like Death Run 3D, this game also offers an exciting journey in which you will become a red cube. You must jump over many dangers in the factory such as buzzsaws and potion pools. Hitting them will make you hurt and die, so you should stay away from them. Moreover, you must try to climb on high walls in the factory. Do your best to reach all checkpoints because they will help to save your journey. It means that you can return to them instead of the starting point after colliding with any hazard in the factory. Besides, remember that your destination is the exit portal which will take you to the outside. If you want to escape from this dangerous factory, you should try to get to the exit portal as soon as possible.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys or A-D keys to guide the cube to move left or right.

Press the spacebar key to control the cube to jump.

Press the spacebar twice to help the cube make double jumps.

Press the spacebar multiple times to take control of the cube to climb.

All levels and maps in Qubee

This game challenges you to complete 24 levels with different degrees of difficulty. The distance between the starting point and the exit portal and the number of obstacles will increase when you move to a higher level. You must try to win all levels in this game and help the red cube leave the dangerous places as soon as possible. Moreover, recently, the game has only a map named Factory. However, the developer announced that they will update new maps with captivating levels soon. Therefore, let's try this game and wait for its interesting updates.