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Shadow Of The Orient

Interesting things about Shadow Of The Orient

Shadow Of The Orient is an exciting adventure game with two game modes. Play as Xiao Lang and battle with the shadow clan to rescue the people of the Orient.

The storyline

200 years ago, the dark shadow was defeated by the Orient. Therefore, all people of the Orient have lived peacefully for 200 years. However, after 200 years, they have to see the return of the dark shadow. They attacked the lands of the Orient and kidnapped all the children. Xiao Lang who is a brave hero is the last hope of the Orient. He decides to use his power of fire to fight against the shadow clan and save the children. However, one unexpected thing is that the power of the shadow clan increases.

Two game modes

When playing this game, you will transform into Xiao Lang and participate in the adventure to search for the shadow. This game offers two game modes including Adventure and Challenge modes.

  • In the Challenge mode, you must complete 5 challenging levels. At each level, you are required to destroy a certain number of shadow items. They are scattered along the way, so you must use your sword to destroy them. Note that the track is full of spike traps and monsters, so you should need to be careful. You must complete the level in the shortest time to move to the next challenging level.
  • In the Adventure mode, you will taken to three worlds. In each world, you must complete 5 handcrafted adventure levels. At each level, you must travel to find the gold coins and gems. When diving into the river, you must pay attention to the oxygen bar. If you run out of oxygen, you will die. Therefore, you should be quick to jump on the land before running out of oxygen. In the fifth level in each world, you must encounter a super powerful boss. You must practice your fighting skills before encountering the final boss. Remember that you will claim a treasure chest after beating 5 levels in each world. Can you beat all levels and save the Orient? After completing this level, you can visit Gorilla Tag to join another journey.

How to control

Use the spacebar to guide the hero to jump.

Use WASD keys to control the hero to move around.

Use the Enter key to guide the hero to attack enemies.

Visit the game shop in Shadow Of The Orient

If you want to become more powerful, you can visit the game shop. In the game shop, you can purchase many power-ups. If you want to raise the physical power of the character, you can buy Damage Duration, Head Stomp Ability, and Dash Ability. If you want to raise the power of your weapons, you can buy Extra Knife Ammo, Extra Knife Power, Extra Fire Power, and Extra Fire Ammo. Besides, you can buy the Hidden Are Area power-up. This power-up will give you hints about the places where you can hide from the enemies.