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Super Fowlst

The rules of Super Fowlst

Super Fowlst is an endless adventure game in which you will transform into a chicken called Fowlst. Fly over many areas and collect as many coins as possible.

Your adventure

Like Gorilla Tag, this game offers a wonderful adventure. You will become a cute chicken called Fowlst and embark on this adventure. You are able to fly over many areas in which you can find many coins. Note that some coins appear along the way. However, some coins are hidden in the wooden boxes. You must destroy them to collect more. In addition, if you want to earn more coins, you have to fight against red monsters. These monsters can fly and shoot at you. You must smash them to get coins dropped from these monsters. However, during the journey, you should watch out for dangers such as fire traps, cannons, spike traps, and so on. You will lose one heart after hitting these traps. You have only three hearts, so try to protect yourself from hazards along the way to survive as long as possible. After all enemies are eliminated, the exit portal will appear and you must enter it to move to another land.

Your ultimate goal in this game is to gain the highest possible score. If you want to complete this objective, you must try to travel to as many lands as possible and pick up as many coins as you can. If you die, don't worry because your progress is saved. Next time, you can start a new adventure in the area where you die.

All upgrades and power-ups

If you want to become more powerful, you should upgrade your health. Additionally, you can upgrade the power-ups which can be gotten from the wooden boxes. There are three types of power-ups including Egg Bomb, Rocket, and Magnet. Here are the functions of these power-ups.

  • Egg Bomb: You can throw the egg bombs at the enemies to destroy them.
  • Rocket: The rocket can automatically chase your rivals and kill them.
  • Magnet: You can use the magnet to collect more nearby coins in the area.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys or A-D keys to guide the chicken to hop to the left or right.

Press an up arrow key or a W key to use the collected items.

All characters in Super Fowlst

This interesting game features 30 characters including Roy, Ducko, Pengo, Cheese Boy, Helichopter, Spaceman, Barry, Patty, Claire, and so on. In general, they are so cute. You must use your coins to buy your favorite character and control it to join the adventure. The most famous character in this game is Fowlst who is a chicken. He is able to battle with demons by smashing directly into them