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Teen Titans Go Ninja Run

Your run in Teen Titans Go Ninja Run

Teen Titans Go Ninja Run is an entertaining running game offering famous cartoon characters. Transform into a ninja and try to run out of the fortress.

Run to the finish line

The New Teen Titans get stuck in the fortress. Now, they need to escape from there as soon as possible. You will transform into one of the members of this group of heroes and join the escape plan. You must run as far as possible while dodging various obstacles in the fortress. You should be careful with the spike traps, and the giant boxes, plants, machines, and other obstacles. In addition, sometimes, the fighting robots will appear and use their guns to destroy the road. You must react quickly and jump as high as possible to evade the destroyed places. During the run, you should remember to collect the hero tokens scattered around the fortress. Additionally, the power-ups are also collectible items, so do not forget to pick them up. You can collect the Invisible Potion which helps you become invisible. At this time, you can go through the obstacles without getting hurt. Or you can collect the Shield which protects you from the dangers in the fortress. If you want to collect more hero tokens, you can pick up the Magnet. Like Temple Run 2, this game also requires you to run on an endless racetrack and gain the highest score.

How to control

You need to use the left-right arrow keys to guide the ninja to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to control the ninja to jump over obstacles.

Use a down arrow key to guide the ninja to slide down to evade obstacles.

All characters in Teen Titans Go Ninja Run

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between five characters who are Cyborg, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. All characters are available for selection, so you can choose one of these heroes to start your adventure. First, let's explore the features of these heroes.

  • Cyborg: He is a half-cybernetic half-man who is big. It is difficult to control this character.
  • Robin: As a leader of the hero group, this character is fairly flexible.
  • Raven: This hero is small, so he can easily dodge obstacles and jump high.