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Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

The principles of Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

Let's join the escape plan of a treasure hunter in Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall. Run over many dangers and collect coins and power-ups along the way.

Your adventure

Actually, like the original version of Temple Run 2, this game also has the same story. You also take the role of the treasure hunter. After stealing the Golden Idol from the mysterious temple, you will be chased by the giant monkey who is known as the protector of this temple. If you do not want to be caught by this monkey, you must make an effort to escape. While running, you must overcome many hazards such as tree roots, low-hanging branches, fire traps, spinning blade saws, falling rocks, waterfalls, zip lines, and so on. Quick reflexes, precise timing, and professional skills are keys that help you overcome these dangers. Moreover, collecting power-ups is also a good way to evade these obstacles.

The new theme

Like Temple Run 2: Holi Festival, this new version also features a new theme. Specifically, the theme in this game is the jungle in the autumn. When autumn comes, the leaves turn red. Therefore, the jungle looks more beautiful. You should embark on the adventure in this game now to explore this jungle in the autumn.

How to control

Use the Spacebar to start to play the game.

Use the left arrow key to move left or turn left.

Use the right arrow key to move right or turn right.

Use an up arrow key to jump over various obstacles along the way.

Use a down arrow key to slide down to evade obstacles.

The daily challenges in Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

When playing this game every day, you should not ignore the daily challenges. Each day, you will be required to complete a different challenge. For example, you must collect 250 coins in one run. If you can accomplish this challenge, you will claim a treasure bag or chest that contains many coins. These coins can be used to purchase new characters or upgrade power-ups in this game.