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Explore the dynamic world in Terraria

Terraria invites you to embark on exciting adventures and breathtaking boss battles. Try to survive in the world in this game and take down monsters.

Crafting and Building

Like Gorilla Tag, this game also offers a vast world. When entering this world, you can gather resources from the environment, such as wood, stone, and ore, and utilize them to create a multitude of items, weapons, armor, and tools. The crafting system allows for experimentation and creativity, enabling you to construct elaborate structures, fortresses, and intricate mechanisms. From simple wooden houses to grand castles, the possibilities are limited only by the player's imagination.

Joining the boss battles

Boss battles in this game are a true test of your abilities. Each boss possesses unique attack patterns, abilities, and distinct phases, requiring you to adapt and react swiftly. Here is the list of some bosses in this game.

  • Skeletron Prime: The third Mechanical Boss summoned using Mechanical Skull at night. You should prioritize destroying its limbs to reduce its attack capabilities.
  • Plantera: It can be found in the Underground Jungle after defeating all three Mechanical Bosses. You must create a large arena to maneuver and avoid its attacks. Moreover, you have to utilize high DPS weapons and mobility-enhancing accessories.
  • Golem: It appears in the Jungle Temple after Plantera's defeat. Your task is to destroy its fists first to reduce its attack options.
  • Duke Fishron: This boss can be summoned by fishing in the Ocean with a Truffle Worm as bait. You must maintain a good distance to avoid its charges and tornadoes.


Click the Left-Right or A-D keys to guide the character to move around the area.

Click an Up Arrow Key to the Spacebar to jump or fly into the fly.

Click the left mouse button to attack the enemies, chop trees, or dig into the ground.

Click a C key to change the camera view.

Click an E key to open or close your inventory to get your necessary items.

Click from 0-9 keys to select tools such as the pickaxe, ax, and so on.

Click an H key to drink the potion to get more powerful.

Click the R key to reset the game.

Click a K key to activate the creative mode of the game.

Special events in Terraria

You will encounter special events when traveling around the world in this game. Here they are:

  • Sandstorm: When visiting the desert, you can see the sandstorm. During the sandstorm, you need to confront enemies such as Angry Tumbler, Sand Shark, Sand Elemental, and so on.
  • Blood Moon: This is one of the special events occurring at night. When the moon turns red, you must fight against new bosses such as Blood Zombies, The Bride, Drippler, The Groom, Clown, and so on. If you can defeat them, you will claim rare items.
  • Solar Eclipse: When the sun is covered by the moon, it is time for new bosses to revive. They are Swamp Thing, Eyezor, Vampire, Frankenstein, and so on. Take them down and wait for the event to end.
  • Pumpkin Moon: This event occurs on Halloween. In this event, the moon will look like a pumpkin and you must confront 15 waves of enemies such as Scarecrow, Pumpking, Poltergeist, Headless Horseman, and so on.