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2048 Fusion

Addictive gameplay of 2048 Fusion

2048 Fusion is an endless puzzle game with colorful graphics. Guide the tiles to move around the board and combine two identical tiles to get a higher score.

Like Fuzzies, this game also offers an engaging gameplay. Specifically, you are required to merge two identical tiles to create a new tile that has a higher number. The number on the new tile is the total of two numbers on the identical old tiles. Note that if you can merge two tiles numbered 2, you will get 10 points. If you can combine two tiles with a higher number, you can earn more points. Therefore, try to merge as many tiles as possible to create the tuile with the highest number. To combine the tiles, you must move them in one direction. Whenever you move the tiles, a new tile with any number will appear. Keep combining the tiles until the board runs out of space. At this time, you can use the power-ups to continue to play the game. If you have no power-ups, it means that you will lose.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to control the tiles to move left, right, up, or down.

All power-ups in 2048 Fusion

This game offers many power-ups, which is similar to Rainbow Obby. There are a total of power-ups and they have different functions. If you want to collect power-ups, you must merge tiles in the highlighted slots.

  • Super Removal: This power-up can be used to clear all boards except for the three highest-valued tiles.
  • Removal: If you want to remove one tile from the board, you can use this power-up.
  • Shuffle: You can use this power-up to shuffle the board and change the positions of the tiles.
  • Upgrade: This power-up can upgrade one tile on the board. Note that the number on this tile will be multiplied by 2.