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Blaster Rush

Your tasks in Blaster Rush

Welcome to thrilling fights with other gunners in Blaster Rush. Let's battle with the other 5 players to collect as many crystals as possible in the arena.

Join the fight

In this game, you are allowed to transform into a gunner who can join thrilling fights. You can invite your friends or be matched with other random players from all over the world. Note that the maximum participants of in a fight is 6 players. It means that you have to confront 5 or less enemies. You must run around to collect as many crystals as possible. Pay attention to the power machine in the arena because many crystals appear near it. If any player attacks you to steal the crystals, you should use your gun to fight against him or her. If you get hit and die, you will revive immediately and continue your fight. I advise you not to focus on battling with other gunners too much. Instead, you should do your best to pick up crystals if you want to become the ultimate victor. When the time is over, the one who has the most crystals will become the winner. After finishing the battle in this game, you can play Shadow Of The Orient to embark on another one.

Complete challenges

When you sign in to this game every day, you will receive daily challenges. You will be challenged to deal 500 damage in one game or use an emote during the fight. If you complete the daily challenges, you claim many rewards such as new weapons and new characters. Moreover, if you want to unlock more characters and weapons, you should participate in as many shooting battles as possible to accumulate your experience points and level up.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to guide your gunner to run around the arena.

Click the left mouse button to use your gun to shoot down your rivals.

Press the spacebar to activate the healing mode.