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Flower Defense Zombie Siege

The fight in Flower Defense Zombie Siege

You are invited to join battles in Flower Defense Zombie Siege. Merge identical plants to create a more powerful plant and defeat as many zombies as possible.

Defeat zombies

Like Shadow Of The Orient, this game is also about the fight, but this is the battle between the plants and zombies. In this game, you must help the farmer protect his farm from the zombies. Let's grow different types of plants on the farm. Then, you need to combine two identical plants to create a new one. The new plant will be stronger. When the zombies come, these plants will automatically attack them. You will earn many coins if the zombies are eliminated from the farm. You can use these coins to buy new plants in the shop or new maps on the farm. Note that you also need to upgrade the attack speed of the plants to increase your winning chance. Note that you will lose if any zombies enter the farm and destroy it.

Earn more coins

If you want to earn more coins to purchase more plants, you should spin the lucky wheel. However, you are allowed to spin it for free once a day. If you want to spin it more, you need to pay 5 diamonds. To earn the diamonds, you should play this game every day to receive the daily rewards.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the plants.

The shop in Flower Defense Zombie Siege

In the shop, you can purchase different types of plants with different powers. Here are some dominant plants you can choose.

  • Sunflower: This flower costs 421 coins and it is able to slow down the speed of the enemies and shoot down them.
  • Dandelion: You can use 3,600 coins to purchase this flower. It can cause double damage to the zombies.
  • Corn plant: This plant has the same power as the dandelion, but it is more expensive,
  • Rose: This flower is really expensive and its bullets can decrease the moving speed of the zombies.
  • Lotus: You can buy this flower to defeat stronger zombies.