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Guardian Sphere

Noteworthy information about Guardian Sphere

Are you ready for the thrilling fight against unknown species in Guardian Sphere? Raise your power by gathering spheres and take down all enemies.

The battles

This game is about the fight between heroes and an unknown species. Since the spheres were explored, the technology on the Earth has developed dramatically. With the aim of dominating the universe, man cooperated with alliances and attacked other planets. The last hope of these planets is the hero who can utilize the power of spheres. The heroes fight against the alliances to protect the planets in the universe. However, one day, the Earth is attacked by an unknown species, so you need to transform into one of these heroes to join the fight now. You should be careful and stay away from enemies if you do not want to die soon. Moreover, the spheres are your lives and power. Therefore, the most important mission is to pick up as many spheres as possible. Do not forget to visit the shops along the way to purchase useful power-ups.

Playable game modes

Like Shadow Of The Orient, this game also features two game modes. If you choose the 1 Player mode, you have to embark on the fight alone. In contrast, if you choose the 2-player mode, you can invite your friend to play this action game with you. You and your friend will take turns choosing your favorite hero. When the fight starts, you should cooperate with your friend to defeat as many unknown species as possible. If one player dies, do not worry. The game only ends when two players are taken down by the monsters.



Use the arrow keys to move around the playing field

Use a C key to attack the monsters along the way.


Use the WASD keys to move around the playing field.

Use a G key to attack the monsters along the way.