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Kumba Karate

Addictive gameplay of Kumba Karate

Let's show off your karate techniques in Kumba Karate now. You must confront an army of penguin robots, so you must take down them to earn the highest score.

The fight against penguin robots

If you are interested in action games like Catatattack!, you should try playing this game now. In this game, you will transform into a monkey who is a karate master. You must encounter an army of penguin robots who attack you constantly. You have to punch and kick to take down all your rivals. Moreover, during the thrilling battle, you should pay attention to the power bar at the top of the screen. When it is full, you can press the spacebar to use your special power to defeat all powerful rivals at the same time. However, this special power can be used within a limited time. Try not to get hit by the enemies if you want to lose this karate fight. Do your best to defeat as many penguin opponents as possible to gain the highest score and prove that you are the best karate master.

Various enemies

During the fight, you must fight against different types of enemies. Here is the list of the rivals and some tips to take down them.

  • Penguin robots: They will appear at the left or right of the screen, so you need to move to the left or right constantly to knock out them. Note that some penguin robots are equipped with hard armor. You must punch and kick them constantly until they are eliminated.
  • Penguin helicopters: They fly in the sky and suddenly rush toward you. You must be quick to punch up to destroy these penguin helicopters.
  • Penguin drillers: They will appear from the ground and rush toward you. To eliminate these penguin drillers, you should punch down.

How to control

Use the arrow key to control the monkey to fight against the enemies.

Use the spacebar to use your special power.