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The principles of Leftovers

Let's play Leftovers which is an exciting horror game. Because your mother cooks too much, you are asked to bring the leftovers to 10 neighbors.

Your missions

If you want to find interesting games like Magic Cat Academy, you should try this game. When playing this game, you will transform into a shy boy. Your mother is cooking dinner, but she realizes that the food is too much. Therefore, she required you to bring the leftovers to the neighbors. There are a total of 10 leftovers. You can return to the house when there are no more leftovers on your hands. Remember that your mother tells you that you should not talk with strangers. After completing the conversation with your mom, you need to leave your home and start to deliver the leftovers.

All creepy neighbors

Here is the list of neighbors you will meet in this game.

  • The old lady: She is the nearest neighbor. She looks kind and asks you whether you are a good boy or not. If you nod your head, she will say that you are a silly boy. In contrast, if you shake your head, she will warn you that being honest to a fault isn't always a good thing.
  • The man: The next neighbor is the man who is so mean. He scares you, so you return to the house after giving him a leftover.
  • The busy man: This man looks so mad when you give him a leftover. After getting the leftovers, he immediately closes the door.
  • A scary woman: She has short hair and her hair covers her eyes. She invites you to come into her room and take a rest. However, do not accept her invitation. You should give her leftovers and leave immediately.
  • A frightening man: After you throw a leftover package into his room, he appears and takes it. You will be scared because his appearance is so frightening.


Press the WASD keys to go around the house.

Use the mouse to look around.

Click the left mouse button to interact with the objects in the house.

Press an ESc key to open the menu.