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The adventure in Sporit

An exciting adventure in Sporit is waiting for you and your friends to join. Cooperate with your friend to overcome many dangers and find the blue fire.

Explore the forest

Like Shadow Of The Orient, this game also provides an exciting adventure of two cute mushrooms in the forest. You can invite your friend to embark on this adventure. You and your friend will transform into two adorable mushrooms and traverse the forest. You must watch out for the spike traps in the forest. If you or your friend hit the spike traps, both of you must return to the starting point. Your goal is to find the blue fire in the shortest time to complete the level. Keep in mind that you only win after both you and your friend find the blue fire. Moreover, you cannot switch the controls of the characters if one of the character reaches the destination.

Effective tactics to beat all levels

  • Cooperate with your friend: Cooperation is an important key that helps you overcome all dangerous obstacles along the way. For example, you can jump on the head of your friend to reach the higher or further platform. Moreover, do not go too quickly and you should wait for your friend. Make sure that both the mushrooms reach the destination at the same time.
  • Utilize the blocks: If you want to jump on the higher platform, you can jump on the blocks first. Moreover, if you want to go through long spike traps, you can utilize the blocks. You should drop the blocks in the middle of the long spike traps and then jump on the blocks to reach the further platforms.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to control the mushroom to run around.

Press the spacebar to guide the mushroom to jump.

Press the Shift key to switch the character.