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Stargrove Scramble

General information about Stargrove Scramble

Welcome to Stargrove Scramble which will take you to different worlds. Let's help the duck mother collect stars along the way and find his son.

The story behind the game

Once upon a time, there were two blue ducks living on a farm. One day, the son of the duck disappeared. It seems that he was taken. When the duck mother was worried about her son, many stars appeared. They are the signals that guide the duck mother to find her son. Therefore, she decided to start her adventure in different worlds to find her son.

Addictive gameplay

In this game, you will become this duck mother who is on your way to find your son. You must overcome 12 levels. In each level, you are required to gather all stars along the way. If the stars are too far from you, you can lay the eggs and throw them at these stars to collect them. Note that you should consume candies along the way to lay more eggs. You can jump on the candy machines to get more candies. Additionally, you need to watch out for monsters such as egg monsters or bees. To eliminate them, you should jump on their heads or throw your eggs at them. Do not try to hit them directly if you do not want to lose soon. You can eat the strawberries to lengthen your life. Finally, because your way is blocked by many stones, you should use your eggs to destroy these stones and continue your adventure.

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How to control

Press Z or the spacebar to start the game or control the character to jump.

Press the left-right arrow key to guide the duck to move to the left or right.

Press an X key to lay eggs and then throw them.

Press a C key to swap held eggs.

Press an ESC key to pause the game.