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Synesthesia: Cat Platformer

The gameplay of Synesthesia: Cat Platformer

You are challenged to embark on an exciting adventure in Synesthesia: Cat Platformer. Guide a black cat to run, jump, dash, and swim to reach the finish line.

If you are looking for adventure games like Death Run 3D, you should not ignore this game. This game is about the exciting journey of a black cat. The cat is trying to find the moon. You must help the cat to overcome many challenges to reach its destination. But, at the start of the game, you should find a little cat who is a guardian of the black cat. This cat will follow the main character during the journey. Then, you have to control the cat to jump from one platform to another platform and run on the long track. Moreover, you need to control the cat to swim in the pool and climb on high walls. Along the way, you can see many white flags which are checkpoints. After you reach them, they will turn red. If you fall off the platform and die, you will return to the nearby checkpoint. Your goal is to assist the cat in getting to the moon and then controlling it to jump to touch the moon. When the moon fades, it means that you have nailed a level and can move to a higher level. Then, you can play Lunar Worm to join more exciting adventures on the Moon.


Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the cat to run to the left or right.

Press an up arrow key to look up.

Press a down arrow key to lie down.

Press an X key to guide the cat to dash.

Press a C key to control the cat to jump.

If you want to jump higher, you should hold the X + C + up arrow keys at the same time.

Hold a Z key + an up arrow key to climb on the high wall.

Press a Z key to guide the cat to grab.