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Traffic Tom

Your tasks in Traffic Tom

Traffic Tom is an exciting racing game featuring many levels and missions. Drive your motorbike to race on the road and collect the wrenches along the way.

Complete many levels

Like Loco Goft, this game requires you to complete levels and each level requires you to complete a distinct task. Note that each level has a time limit, so you must finish the task before the time runs out. Here are common missions in this game.

  • Overtake other vehicles: If you want to overtake the vehicles on the road, you must go close to them and then increase your speed. You should be careful when going close to other vehicles. If you crash into them, you will fall. However, do not worry because you can revive right after falling.
  • Reach a certain distance: You must drive your motorbike at an incredible speed to reach the finish line before the time is over.
  • Reach many combos within a limited time: You have to overtake a certain number of vehicles within a limited time.
  • Beat the boss: One driver will go in front of you and drop many wrenches. You must collect these wrenches to complete the level. However, sometimes, this driver will drop the bombs which can hurt you. You must evade these bombs along the way and chase after this driver at all times.

How to control

If you want to drive your motorbike to the left or right, you must use the left-right arrow keys.

If you want to decelerate the speed and then stop, you must hold a down arrow key.

If you want to accelerate the speed, you must hold an up arrow key.

Various motorbikes in Traffic Tom

The garage in this game offers 11 motorbikes which have different colors. They are a cross, an enduro, an ATV, a touring, a naked, a street motorbike, a sports tourist, a scooter, a sports motorbike, and so on. Only the scooter is available for you to choose while the rest are locked. You must collect as many wrenches as possible and then use them to unlock these motorbikes. Then, you must use your coins to upgrade your motorbikes to raise their speed.