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Challenging gameplay of Yamimuguri

Welcome to the hunt for food for a little snake in Yamimuguri. Crawl around to collect food to stretch your body and watch out for laser beams.

This game was developed by a Japanese gaming creator and inspired by famous snake games. However, its gameplay is still a little different from the original versions, so you should try it out! This interesting game will transform you into a little snake who gets stuck in a dark room. There are four laser beams around the room. These laser beams are super dangerous because they will kill you. Therefore, you need to crawl around the room to hunt for food without touching the laser beams. Besides the laser beams, the darkness is a hazard. Because it's dark, your vision is limited. You must look carefully to identify the positions of food. The food will help your body become longer. Therefore, you need to consume as much food as possible. Note that you can raise your speed within a limited time. However, I do not recommend you accelerate your speed regularly because this will make you hit the laser beams easily. Do your best to survive as long as possible and become the longest snake in the room.

How to control

Use the mouse to navigate the direction of the snake.

Hold the left mouse button to accelerate the speed of the snake.

The leaderboard of Yamimuguri

Like Smash Karts, this game also features a leaderboard that displays the top 10 best players of this game. When looking it, you can know the names, scores, and ranks of the top 10 best players at all times. If you are one of them, your name will be shown on this leaderboard. If you want to get a high rank on this leaderboard, you must attempt to extend your snake to gain the highest possible score.