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Pico Park

Interesting information about Pico Park

Let's explore Pico Park where you can join exciting adventures with your friends now. Battle with your friends to reach the finish line or get a high score.

Exploring game modes

Like Smash Karts, this game also allows you to choose between many game modes catering to different playstyles and preferences.

  • World Mode: As its name suggests, this game mode allows you to enter 12 worlds. They are Hello Pico Park, Go Together, Time Limit, All For One, Push or Jump, Move and Stop, and so on. In each world, you are required to embark on a distinct challenge. For instance, in the Ballpark world, you must utilize the balls to find the key that can be used to unlock the door. Or in the Gimmick gimmick world, you will transform into a bird who has to fly to the finish line.
  • Battle Mode: The second game mode is suitable for those seeking a competitive edge. In this mode, you engage in four battles which are Height Battle, Region Battle, Jump Battle, and Stop Watch Battle. Each battle has a distinct rule. For example, when joining the Height Battle, you are required to jump as high as possible to reach the highest place before your rivals do that. Or in the Region Battle, your objective is to capture other players' territories by hitting your balls into them. Moreover, you also need to protect your territories to make sure that you have the most territory. Or in the Jump Battle, you are tasked with jumping because the cannonballs are dangerous. Finally, in the Stop Watch Battle, you have to be quick to press the button closest to 0.01 seconds if you want to become the ultimate victor. It is possible to say that this game mode requires quick reflexes, precision, and adaptability.
  • Endless Mode: The final game mode will impress you with many mini-challenges. They are Endless Jump, Endless Puzzle, Endless Scroll, and Endless Plane. You can completely choose one of the mini-challenge to play with your friends. You must complete the assigned mission in the mini-challenge to get a victory.

Unveiling the charismatic cast of characters

The characters in this game contribute significantly to the game's appeal and cooperative dynamics. With your delightful designs, unique abilities, and customization options, these charismatic personas bring the multiplayer experience to life. This is fairly similar to Guardian Sphere. As you embody their chosen characters, you embark on an adventure that emphasizes teamwork, communication, and shared achievements. Through the vibrant cast of characters, this game creates an environment that fosters connection, laughter, and a sense of unity among players.



Use the A-D keys to guide the cat to move.

Use a W key to take control of the cat to jump.


Click the left mouse button to guide the cat to jump and move.

Note: If you want to play this game with more players, you should prepare many game controllers. Other players will use these game controllers to guide the characters in the game.